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Swift Lemur Feb 15 at 13:58
Add a new feature for Telegram :
1. Classified Advertising For Free
In this new feature, anybody can add classified advertising for free, everyone can also see the added ad. You will find a menu of classified advertising for free under the settings menu.

Classified ads that are added will be there forever and everyone will see, the person who added the classified ad and the person who see the ad cannot delete or edit the ad anymore, so be careful in typing. Ads that are trusted are only ads that explain the addition of the telegram name adding classified ads. These classifieds are of course free and open to all telegram users.

The types that users can .choose are On Sale, Looking For, Job Vacancy, and Invitation

Here is picture of Classified Advertising For Free :
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Tiger Platina🐯 Feb 17 at 05:03
Can't even login first
Sm-t285 android 5.1
Swift Lemur Feb 19 at 10:02
if you want to try the application, you just download the application that I collected via the download button above.
If you compile it yourself from My Github, please change the values ​​of the APP_ID and APP_HASH variables in TMessagesProj\src\main\java\org\telegram\messenger\ with api_id and api_hash which you can get from telegram API. If you have changed it, it will be as smooth as the application downloaded via the download button. You can get your api_id and api_hash in here:

Thank you
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