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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the Android Contest 2021 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.



Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:09
1. Added support for copy&pasting universal items (from other apps to Telegram and from Telegram to other apps): URL's, strikethrough, bold, italic, bold+italic, monospaced
2. Fixed removing formatting when creating a link (enables link formatting)
3. Fixed sending a universal formatted text
4. Rewrtitten attachment camera backend to CameraX, featuring: full-featured photo/video recording, lens change, flash mode change, pinch2zoom and tap2focus gesture support (needs to be toggled from Debug Menu) <a lot of commits, starting with “camerax:”>
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:09
5. Implemented a QR Code reader inside CameraX backend, allowing users to scan a proxy QR to add it (was in iOS from December 2018, but not implemented in Android even now)
6. Biometrics support on login (face or iris scanner, tested on One UI and LineageOS 18.1, Galaxy S9+) [Android 9 or up, if earlier - older fingerprint implementation is used]
7. Rewritten fragment and drawer opening/close animation to use AndroidX DynamicAnimation
8. Increased smoothness of swipeback
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:10
9. Implement full theme support for Voice Chats (tested on everything: light+dark, prebuilt+custom)
10. Fix volume slider out-of-bounds issue when on lower values in Voice Chats
11. Fix chatlist divider out-of-bounds issue when on corners of the list in Voice Chats
12. "Ask to Call" is now works everywhere, with improved UI and "Do Not Ask Again" option
13. "Delete Chat" UI improvement: message's margin is now aligned to avatar
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:10
14. Chat: fix being able to report verified chats or chats where you is an admin +
15. Action mode for chats: now typing anything into searchbar will hide calendar/user buttons, as it is made on iOS (to prevent clearing the textfield when picking a user)
16. Android 11 Bubbles: now chat icon is showing (also fixes notification large icon)
17. Fix rare image load crash when opening Android 11 Bubbles.
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:10
18. Fix freezes in "Documents" attachment picker - on loading "Recent Files" and on browsing the filesystem when using Android 11 (due to forcing SAF)
19. Migrate music player to MediaSessionCompat/NotificationCompat, fixing not active session (fixing Telegram not showing on One UI's lockscreen) and
20. Fix empty artist on media session receivers (like One UI's lockscreen)
21. Fix invalid queue order on Android Auto
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:10
22. Fix not updating MediaSession elapsed time after in-app seeking (for example, notification seekbar on Android 10+ is not updated when you seek in Telegram)
23. Increase instant videos quality from not appealing 240p to seems-as-normal 360p (with increased bitrate from 400000 to 600000)
24. Fix enabling "Speaker" VoIP calls option instead of leaving "Earpiece" mode when starting a call on some Android phones
25. Implement opening fullscreen avatar viewer on header overscroll, because long-tapping avatar is not intuitive (like on iOS)
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:11
Below are fixed bugs, which were taken from

26. The group name should not be in the mention list (
27. Voice Messages become jerky when an Animated Emoji with sound is pressed ( [fixed by not playing emoji sound while voice is playing!]
28. Invalid "Manage Calls" admin right visibility in "Recent Actions" ( and
29. "Voice Chats" recent actions filter is available in channels (
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:12
39. Preserve timestamps when copying messages (
40. Fix being able to ban users in VoIP group calls without having ban permission (

Also, below are accessibility improvements for TalkBack/screen readers users:

41. Improved accessibility for passcode setup: EditText's have now a hint, and PIN/Passcode toggle has a content description tag
42. Fixed inverted Day/Night theme toggle label for TalkBack
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 18:12
43. Invite Links: fixed "..Text" issue in Copy Link/Share Link/Revoke Link buttons
44. Invite Links: fix unlabeled "Link Options" button
45. 2FA/Transfer: fix unlabeled "Enter password" EditText
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Gentle Crow Feb 15 at 16:42
You better split all these changes into separate comments here. At least for clickable links
Cool Hare Feb 15 at 16:43
Yes, I know. But that will take up 9-10 messages here if I only post commit links and simple description
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