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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the Android Contest 2021 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.




Quirky Raven Feb 15 at 10:43
List of fixes (2/2):
- Email addresses are not clickable in outgoing messages (

- "Delete" option should not be visible on "invited to voice chats" service messages if you are not admin ( &

- "Permissions" option is missing for an admin of a basic group (
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Fit Swan Feb 19 at 17:42
1) Fixed.
2) Fixed.
3) Good solution but use isdark variable in theme files with true/false values would be better.
Like on iOS and MacOS.
4) Works but the mail address is underlined.
5) Fixed but you still have the delete message button if you are admin without the delete messages permission.
6) Works but magnifier and "Add Exception" buttons should be removed in the permission screen.
Fit Swan Feb 19 at 17:51
These buttons should be removed since It is not possible to set exceptions in basic groups.
OnePlus Nord - Android 10
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