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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the Android Contest 2021 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.




26 issues total:
- 18 issues from (T%ID%)
- and 8 new issues (A%ID%)

##### ProfileActivity

T1744. Profile photo's counter is replaced with a non-functional search icon after removing one if there are exactly 21 profile pictures when you're in expanded view

T1742. Settings page isn't scrolled to the top after uploading a new profile picture from the web when the profile picture is in expanded view

##### DialogsActivity

T1421. Archiving the first chat of the chat list makes the Archived Chats folder to be unhidden

A1. Archived Chats not hidden after adding the first chat

- requirements: no archived chats, archived should be hidden before, first chat is visible, no folders
- archive first chat with swipe

Current result: first chat replaced with the Archived Chats, after undo it replaced with the first chat without animation
Expected result: first chat removed with animation, undo returns the first chat with animation & (for UNDO).
A2. Pull to show Archived Chats animation not working after archiving for the first time

- requirements: no archived chats, archived should be hidden before, first chat is fully visible, no folders
- archive any chat by swipe
- scroll for pull to refresh (but not very slow)

Current result: missing pull to refresh animation
Expected result: working pull to refresh animation
A3. Chat: text selection handles drawn over the toolbar

- search for the chat with messages
- open keyboard, scroll down, select text at the top, scroll up

Current result: text selection handles and context menu drawn over the toolbar
Expected result: handles not drawn over the toolbar, menu stops before the toolbar with small padding
A4. Chat: context menu & cursor not hidden after switch to Reply-Forward mode

- search for the chat with message
- tap edit field, select nothing
- select any message in the chat

Current result: text selection handles and context medu drawn over the Reply & Forward bar
Expected result: handles and menu not drawn over the Reply & Forward bar
A5. Bubblemode shows mention list if @ in draft

- go to any group
- type @, return to Dialogs, call bubblemode for the group

Current result: bubblemode shows mention list
Expected result: mention list is hidden in bubblemode
A6. Chat: replies counter disappears (or shows wrong count) if send message and reply to it right away

Steps #1:
- search for any public chat
- send message, reply to it, wait up to 5 seconds

Current result: reply icon & counter will disappear, View Replies option not available
Expected result: reply icon & counter stay visible, available View Replies

Steps #2
- after steps #1 reply to it as many times as you like

Current result: wrong replies count (real count - 1)
Expected result: correct replies count
A7 Chat: broken "edited" animation after editing message with replies

- search for any public chat with your message which has at least one reply
- edit that message

Current result: crazy "edited" animation
Expected result: something calmer
T2194. Wrong error message when trying to see comments in private channels open in preview mode
##### ChatAttachAlert

A8. Chat: support notch cutout for attach video record time

- open any chat on device with notch screen
- attach photo or video, start recording video

Current result: record timer partially closed by the top cutout
Expected result: add some safe space under record timer
##### GroupCallActivity

T927. Remove option should not be visible on Voice Chats without ban permission

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Fair Mammoth Mar 18, 2021 at 19:45
Всего улучшений и исправлений: 26
Из них корректных: 22

Лучшая работа в части соотношения корректных исправлений и улучшений к общему объёму проделанной работы. В работе также внедрено несколько новых функций, включая поддержку распознавания лица для аутентификации.

Часть реализованных исправлений и внедрённых улучшений не могут быть засчитаны из-за некорректной имплементации. Среди них:

#15: Присутствие группы в списке упоминаний. Подобная реализация неверная, так как влияет на существующую функциональность приложения, а именно – предотвращает возможность поиска по сообщениям анонимных администраторов.

#18: Обновление ответа при изменении исходного сообщения. При ответе на сообщения, находящиеся в начале переписки, ответ не будет отображаться.

#22: Кнопка редактирования для файлов в просмотрщике. После внедрения исправления кнопка исчезла для обычных изображении и более там не отображается.

#25: Ввод нескольких неверных паролей подряд может привести к отображению плашки таймера на экране даже после правильно введенного пароля впоследствии.
Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android 11); Samsung Galaxy J7 (Android 9); Nexus 5X (Android 8).
Gentle Otter Mar 18, 2021 at 20:08
спасибо за приз за accepted-declined ratio, но я не внедрял поддержку распознавания лица...
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