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Fair Leopard Apr 4, 2021 at 12:56
Thanks for your submission to the Aptitude Test Contest. Your Quizzes achieved the following:
English Language: Silver (€1500)
Mathematical Ability: Bronze (€500)
Spatial & Logical Thinking: Bronze (€500)

The following bonuses were awarded:
x3 Outstanding Peer Review (€300)
You incurred penalties for:
x2 Unoriginal Content (- €2000)
Slim Deer Apr 8, 2021 at 16:41
Thanks for your assessment. I completely disagree with "Unoriginal Content" penalties.

In total, I received 6 issues of unoriginal questions regarding "Spatial & Logical Thinking" questions, which none of them are correct.

#q3,#q27: Completely different questions, with similar concepts. I completely drew by myself;

#q19,#q20: I completely designed and drew it by myself. I uploaded the photoshop screenshots;

#q28: The reviewer referred to the guide series, but the main question and its answer are completely original and not found on the internet.

#q15: I completely modelled it by myself, but I was unlucky that somewhere someone has uploaded it which didn`t come up in my searches.
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