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Smart Contract Address


Source on GitHub

Smart Contract Address


Testing and Issues

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Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.





website for my contract is available here:
And video here:

Video is as well available on the website after landing section.

All issues has been fixed fully or to the extend possible with included additional information on how to solve (e.g. issue regarding users is client side one and as such has to be implemented properly on the client side as described:
I noticed that the web page has some issues with container overflows on the phones (responsive UI related), so I just added the fix. I acknowledge that it may or may not be included in final review based on judge decision. I made it for phone users and their better experience. In case you want me to switch it back to review form before fixes just leave me comment here and I will reverse it. I can technically deploy in parallel as well.

NOTE: desktop or bigger screen experience wasn't affected with the fix.
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Eager Cobra Apr 27, 2020 at 14:07
Opening Section – 2
Concept Explained – 3
Language – 2

The opening lacks basic info: how does this work? Who is it for? Why do I need it? Moves on to a rather vague video, then to an explanation (that could be less technical and could use some illustrations/diagrams) with grammar mistakes and typos. All texts could benefit from a thorough proofreading by a native speaker.

Narration – 3
Visualization –3
Concept Explained – 1
Bonus: Language +0.25
Bonus: Soundtrack +0.25

The narrative is vague and doesn't explain why the smart-contract is special except for being "distributed and integrated in platforms of your choice". It would have been better to focus on the particular benefits of the smart contract for the particular use case – instead of using general phrases like "Protect your customers, streamline your business" and "All is included. All features you might ever need".

Base Reward: EUR 3,500


“add available_tickets” saves received count instead of _newAvailableTickets. refund_ticket doesn't return back paid, buy_ticket don‘t always return back correct amount. Instead of providing verification strategies contract could require the contract’s address to be appended to verification cell before signing it.

16-bit seqno has a big chance to overflow, opening possibility for replay attacks in the future.

Bug Penalty: EUR 1,000

Total: EUR 2,500
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