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Smart Contract Address


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Smart Contract Address


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Grampay Commerce
Promotional webpage:
Video presentation:

Detail smart-contract description:
Smart-contract address: 0:0064D45CE8E80F5A015F09978AA38B9A41493F1B88A9DCB597DE6D36E8200641

Grampay Commerce is a marketplace service for Sellers and Buyers with escrow payments and dispute system.
You can create your own shop in our telegram bot ( and start selling your products!

Demonstrational shops are already done and you are welcome to test them out!
Some screenshots of Telegram bot.
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Eager Cobra Apr 27, 2020 at 13:45
Opening Section – 5
Concept Explained – 5
Language – 5
Bonus Usability: +0.5

Well-designed website (e-commerce style). Balanced info: opens with an easy-to-understand intro, moves on to more in-depth explanations and further details.

Narration – 5
Visualization – 4
Concept Explained – 5
Bonus: Language +0.25
Bonus: Soundtrack +0.5

Snappy soundtrack, well-matched to easily readable captions. Visualization relies on app/web interfaces, but interface details are not always clearly visible, especially those on mobile (could benefit from using zoom to highlight important parts).

Base Reward: EUR 9,000
Bonus: + EUR 2,000 (working demo shops/bot)

OLD BUGS FIXED: N/A (new contract)

It's possible to override the existing order address and then use a refund to steal money by crafting a hash collision. Ignores the existence of processing fees.

Bug Penalty: EUR 3,000

Total: EUR 8,000
Bold Wolf Apr 27, 2020 at 20:23
I'm glad you liked our project and presentation!
Thanks a lot for your audit: issue was really critical and it should have been fixed. I agree with a fair penalty.
Fast patch was done (, I'll update code and smart-contract ASAP.

Thanks again for this contest! 👍
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