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The service allows to pool user funds in the TON blockchain network for some specific purpose and the subsequent proportional distribution of the funds (if necessary).
Examples: raising funds to create a validator, raising funds to buy something, etc.


All issues indicated by judges have been resolved.
P.S: I changed my nickname on the GitHub. The old repository has a redirect. (If possible, please update the link =) )
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Eager Cobra Apr 27, 2020 at 15:39
Opening Section – 2
Concept Explained – 3
Language – 2

The opening section is rather vague, especially since the word "gather" doesn't fit the pooling concept very well (gathering has strong implications of gaining control and doesn't reflect the shared custody aspect). Explanations could benefit from more detailed examples of usage (e.g. You want to become a validator but you don't have enough Grams. Set up a pool and invite all your friends to join, then get back your share of funds and a proportionate share of the reward, etc) and relevant illustrations/diagrams that would make the concept more accessible to users. Texts on the page could benefit from a proofreading by a native speaker

Narration – 2
Visualization –2
Concept Explained – 2
Penalty: Language -0.25

Computer-generated voice does not invite confidence. Video struggles to explain the concept, in part due to language issues ("gathering crypto" doesn't quite fit the concept of pooling). Using some simple graphic means to visualize the idea of pooling could have helped, but the video focuses on interface and small captions instead.

Base Reward: EUR 2,500
Bonus: +EUR 1,000 (bot)


Total: EUR 3,500
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