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Testing and Issues

You can test this entry and submit issues during the testing period of the Blockchain Contest, Stage 2 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.


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Great submission in terms of quality of coding and presentation, however such delegation scheme will hardly work. You are trying to collect funds for each election, so your clients need to check all those things by their side, make transfer, you need to find 100k of to for each election. I believe this is rather strange scheme, especially for those who want to stake significant amounts of Grams. However I admire your team!
Night Turkey Dec 24, 2019 at 10:55
Thank you for your compliment!
The main idea is that anyone can participate and earn Grams, by staking less than the minimal sum for participating in elections. So right now you can stake 100 Grams and also participate in the validation process. We allow anyone to create a pool and get the necessary sum to become a validator. That is important for decentralization. Each validator can have a reputation, so there will be an open market of validators
Clever Turkey Feb 11, 2020 at 02:44
We found some issues in your contract.
- In `withdraw_remaining_funds` `amount` and `s_addr` are not protected by signature, so anyone can take a signature from real internal message and send their own correctly signed request.
- The contract ignores existence of processing and storage fees, so it is likely to run out of funds during withdrawal phase if stake wasn't sent.
Night Turkey Feb 11, 2020 at 23:41
The first issue sounds realistic. In the case of front running it's possible to steal a signature. We'll add s_addr in a cell to sign.

The operator should control funds for fees on a contract to achieve the highest validator score to gain more stakes. But it's a good idea to follow gas on this stage
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