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This submission is mostly done for getting info from the community about the idea (as a product), getting suggestions and recommendations. Because lack of time I wasn''t able to implement it on the level to be competitive with other contestants. So if you have any experience, thoughts or maybe Solidity example related referral bounties - fill free to share
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Nice submission, I believe, such solutions will work later. The implementation is rather poor.
Funny Owl Dec 25, 2019 at 06:35
Hey Crow, I thought should I send it or not as contestant, but decided to do it, cause wanted to get feedback from the community about the idea (I'm a newbie in a blockchain concept and still doesn't clear understand application of it for dapps)
What about supporting the scm later - I have plans for it (this scm and job-board), but again I need community help. I have plans to announce it when it's ready on TON Research group
Why referral address is stored in message? It makes more sense to store it in contract data. You have to think about incentives to recruit someone. If there are no guarantees that cut will be collected, then there is no reason to recruit.

Another thing to remember are transaction fees that will eat referral cut. I think a better approach would be to implement standard wallet, but also reserve a small fee with each transaction that can only be withdrawn by referrer address or key.
Clever Turkey Feb 11, 2020 at 04:10
The wallet ignores existence of processing and storage fees, so it can run out of funds.
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