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A multi-signature wallet implementation.

Our team has developed a set of FIFT scripts for the creation of and interaction with a multi-wallet smart contract.
Some of the scripts are meant for a personal and others for a collective usage by multi-wallet stakeholders(owners).

The list of scripts for individual usage:
make-key.fif - generates a pair of secret and public keys
wallet-pay.fif - generates an individual payment

The list of scripts for collective usage:
wallet-upload.fif - generates a new wallet, stores its address in a file, and initializes the wallet with initial data
wallet-new-order.fif - prepares a new order for a wallet
wallet-merge.fif - combines a set of individual payments into one payment

The list of scripts for TMV integration testing:
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Magic Python Oct 25, 2019 at 15:10
Tried to send an order. n=16, k=10.
First I created and uploaded a new order.
Then I created and merged 10 signatures.
As a result, an impressive amount of 0.6G was spent on gas, but no out messages and the order is still there.
As I see accept_message() is called before all signatures test
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