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Attempt to solve Task#3 (DNS Resolver with manual registration). Main tool is dnsresolver.bash, which wraps calls to .fif-files and lite-client (all settings are inside bash-script). Currently allows: 1. create new DNS Resolver smart account (not only one, but as many as you need by suppling suffix used for dnsresolver*.pk/addr): fill some gas from sponsor account (sponsor initially filled by Grams got from @test_ton_bot) and init its code; 2. update code of published DNS Resolver (it allows incremental development of DNS Resolver); 3. transfer DNS smart account to new owner (by replacing public key contained in smart account). `dnsresolver.bash help` contains detailed description of its usage
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Clever Turkey Nov 4, 2019 at 19:38
Manual DNS:
- Adding new domains is not implemented.
- dnsresolve is not implemented.
Dnsresolve method is empty
Desert Shark Oct 17, 2019 at 06:55
Yes, it is not implemented *yet*. As well as manual registration. But step forward to it is done (I mean "updatable code" of smart contract). And, yes, changing owner of DNS Resolver is already possible.
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