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Locked folder looks useful
Daring Gecko Apr 30 at 12:18
Thank you, it's my favorite feature too!
I agree with Huge Hedgehog above, locked folders look very interesting, but I imagine if more than one chat is added to the folder, it shows the list of chats like in the other folders once unlocked(?). The ability to add a fingerprint-based lock also could be useful.
Daring Gecko May 1 at 09:42
Oh yes, that is the main concept behind the locked folder. It works like any other folder, containing several chats. The sequence was just hastened to make the video shorter. Thank you for the feedback! <3
The blocked user's reason is the best one I believe, since it can also help Telegram understand why you report people (if you do) and why you blocked people, especially because after some time you've done it you look back at the list and you don't remember why you block them. (very useful)
The longer input fields look weird once fully opened because they overlap the user's info at the top and you might misclick into the user's profile directly. Something more convenient would be either a full-screen (like instant view) input field, with an integrated profile bar (to remember who you are sending it to if you are writing a bit too much and you forgot) or like the in-chat wallet, that does not go up until the profile's bar, but stops a little over half of the user's screen. That way you could also get out of the long text field by clicking outside of it in the chat (without losing anything).
Locked folder: would suggest a double swipe down (so that you see it right after the "Archived Chats")

Block reasons: funny :)
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