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Testing and Issues

You can test this entry and submit issues during the testing period of the Design Competition 2024 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.


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Masoud Honarvar Apr 30 at 11:07
The 3D feature is only used for flagship mobile phones and is considered an invalid update.
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 11:17
I think this is the weakest concept, but I couldn't delete it since the rules say at least one must be for android 😅
Timur Hasanov Apr 30 at 14:23
The 3D function, in my opinion, is unnecessary. This is an additional load for Telegram. Also in the terms of the competition small changes were required
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 21:05
I think it's a little glimpse into the future. I agree, this feature will be useless now. I posted it because the rules require at least one video for android
Ernest Kim Apr 30 at 11:23
very good
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 11:42
Thanks, I did my best!
3D scanner is too much
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 11:29
I attempted to create both straightforward and practical concepts, like lists and text formatting, as well as more intricate and imaginative ones, such as emoji animations and 3D models 😎
This is the first I’ve seen that I could 100% believe was made by Telegram designers. Great work
I like this job!
Nabi Martínez Apr 30 at 14:09
I like the concept of lists, necessary at this point!
good job
I'm 🄾🄺 Apr 30 at 22:00
The Collapse and the List options are. The best ❤️
The animations are unique and good.
In-app sticker animation: more advanced than AE itself 😁 (jk)
Maksim Nessin Apr 30 at 11:02
Lists for Groups. What color will be chosen if an option is selected by two users? How can I view who has selected a specific option?
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 11:14
You will see avatar and name
Daniel Arno Apr 30 at 11:03
Next time, try to provide better designs
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 11:18
I'm sorry you didn't like it. I promise to try harder next time
𓀎𝑷𝑨𝒀𝑨𝑴 Apr 30 at 11:28
Exactly the same "Text collapse" functionality (with kinda the same implementation) was proposed in the Telegram Designers right before the competition. You're only missing the "title" feature, but your version is smoother and has a slightly more logical UX
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 12:15
Yeah, I saw that. The author of this concept wrote to me. I provided him with proof that I made the design before his post was published. This idea is on the surface, as is the idea of the lists. It's a mystery to me why it's not on Telegram yet.
Nabi Martínez Apr 30 at 14:12
More love for Android! Please ;)
The collapse option could maybe have a title associated to it, so that before you open it you know what's inside.
The checklist can maybe be a side-option in the poll "maker", so that maybe other users can edit it and check multiple times, making it a box, and making it more accessible.
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 18:16
I wanted to make these functions very simple, without unnecessary menus or buttons in the interface. Collapsed text has a preview of the beginning of the collapsed message, this eliminates the need to create a title.
Alexey Vorontsov Apr 30 at 19:54
Imba hard work, but model animation and 3d is totally 2much. But Great animation and work!
Eager Duck Apr 30 at 21:06
I posted it because the rules require at least one video for android
Nobody added any issues yet...