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Clean animations, good work!
Great idea with the subscription 👍
1) But what about channels without a subscription – will they be without content, will the channel be empty?
2) Will the author always have to choose where to publish the content?
3) How can the author track content that is published in a subscription channel and non-subscription?

I would suggest separating the channels and directing paying subscribers to a different channel. It would allow for easier and more flexible channel management.
Предлагаемое решение с эксклюзивной подпиской выглядит великолепно. Хотя функция поддержки создателей контента и продуктов уже реализована через @tribute, пожертвования и подписки. Текущий метод аналогичен показу рекламы для аккаунтов без премиум-подписки. Тем не менее, это отличное решение, если создатели контента ведут один канал для всей своей аудитории и в то же время хотят поделиться эксклюзивом в одном блоге.
The animations are definitely nice, but this set has 2 ideas instead of 3. The first and third videos have different aspects of an identical idea of channel subscription. I wish the third one had a new page implemented, but it is just reusing the Telegram Premium gifting process.

In the second video, oddly, the add button is displayed inside another user's profile. There is no use in such an add button, but that bar could be used to display other users' stories, but this still has a flaw. Imho, the "Posts" tab is already made to display saved posts, so implementing such a bar inside the Posts tab could be a better idea. Also, the add button alone without any other story submitted shouldn't take a whole row like that, since many may never even submit any saved stories (or even any stories).
Huge yes to the paid subscriptions and a possibility to gift one
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