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Fair Quokka Sep 13, 2023 at 20:02
The contest task was not completed. The submitted app only partially implemented the provided animation flows specified in the contest task. We have identified the following issues which prevented the submission from getting a higher score:

The archive animation flow:
– The current implemented flow requires the user to interact with chat list with cautious otherwise he would experience sever layout glitches when swiping down the chat list.
– The app prevents the story feed from expanding with a pinned archive cell in the chat list.
– Multiple layout glitches and blinking when the archive cell is being expanded.
– The app continues to render the archive layer once the user pins it and keeps scrolling their chat list.
– When you try to hide a pinned archive, the app will render an empty cell in the chat list.
– If the archive contains any hidden stories, its icon will blink at the last phase of the animation cycle.
– A strange black icon appears when swiping on any chat to show its action buttons.
iPhone XR (iOS 17); iPhone 13 Pro (iOS 16.6); iPhone 14 Pro Max (iOS 16.4)
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