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Fair Quokka Sep 13, 2023 at 20:00
The contest task has been completed. The submitted app implemented both animation flows specified in the contest task. We have identified the following issues which prevented the submission from getting a higher score:

The archive animation flow:
– Overall animation flow does not follow the provided design guidelines precisely, there are numerous visual imperfections. 
– The current implemented flow requires the user to interact with chat list with cautious otherwise he would experience sever layout glitches when swiping down the chat list.
– Missing haptic feedback when expanding the archive cell.
– The app won't hide the expanded stories feed when user pins the archive, expands the story feed and starts scrolling their chat list.
– There is a delay when expanding the story feed with a pinned archive cell in the chat list – the app will render an empty space first..

The chat preview flow:
– The implemented animation flow does not follow the provided design guidelines.
iPhone XR (iOS 17); iPhone 13 Pro (iOS 16.6); iPhone 14 Pro Max (iOS 16.4)
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