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Fair Quokka Mar 1, 2021 at 10:57
The contest task is partially completed: video messages and background animations (including the animations editor) are not implemented. The default speed of the message sending effects does not follow the provided mockups. The current implementation makes profiles inaccessible – tapping the profile picture while in the chat takes you to the editor instead of the profile page. Using the pin feature causes the service message to jump chaotically on the chat screen. Unfortunately, the app will not be able to receive an award due to the contest task not being completed and due to the numerous issues identified during the testing stage.

More details about the issues we were able to identify: 

Text messages
– Message bubble appears separately from the text and the timestamp. The app combines them into a single entity only at the end of the animation cycle with a noticeable blink.
– The app does not show the original message in replies. The empty top half of the bubble is displayed instead.
– Sending large messages causes the entire screen to blink.

– Replacing the text with an animated emoji and vice versa leads to the message bubble blinking and being displayed empty.

– The context menu for sent stickers is unavailable until the chat is reopened.
– Sticker outlines appear separately and behave independently from the sticker, lacking synchronization between events.  
– A huge glitch with replies – sticker outlines are being followed by the sticker that appears in the chat with a rapid jump from the upper part of the screen.

Voice messages
– When a message is sent, the play button blinks twice – on the bubble itself and in the top left corner of the screen.
iPhone XS / iOS 14.4;  iPhone 6S / Plus iOS 14.4; iPhone 5S / iOS 12.5.1
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