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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the Javascript Contest, Stage 1 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.


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Fair Mammoth Jan 10, 2020 at 01:25
The contest task is not completed: the app doesn't properly support the signup and 2SV login flows. Reloading the page causes 404 error appear.
Google Chrome 78.0.3904, macOS 10.15.2
Now your application is working. When I choose Russia, for some reason Kazakhstan is chosen. Someone from the participants I have already seen this error, you added the same code from different accounts? Problems with the choice of countries, see the screenshot, there are no flags visible, strange ones with a long name are centered and the code has the same problem. After pressing the button, the spinner spins endlessly and nothing changes further. The page has horizontal scrolling.
Windows 7, Chrome ver. 78 x64
Groovy Squid Nov 19, 2019 at 21:22
The problem you mentioned with some countries having the same codes is correct...
but the flags are visible for me and since they're served among other js and css files, it sounds strange...
maybe there's a problem with browser caching?

also if by any chance you could run "storage.clear();" in your console, refresh and try logging in again that would mean a lot to me; there was a problem with my submission and so this code is not accounted for any prizes, but if you could login and tell me your comments it would mean a lot
(the command I mentioned corresponds to an instance of localForage that I exposed to window object for testing purposes)
Windows 7 does not recognize country flags (you probably use emojis), this is a feature of Windows 10. So it’s better to use low and high resolution images
Windows 7, Chrome ver. 78 x64
Groovy Squid Nov 19, 2019 at 21:30
You're right, thanks
Empty page, files not loading
Windows 7, Chrome
Deleted Account Nov 18, 2019 at 19:04
Groovy Squid Nov 24, 2019 at 12:26
can you please check again? it should work now :)
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