BeastMemory is a mysterious memory card game adorned with enigmatic and otherworldly animal spirits, perfect for all ages and an excellent tool for enhancing memory skills.
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The game works great. I liked that they took the time to do the documentation
It's good that your app integrates with Telegram using the MainButton, but I would recommend instead replacing the MainButton with the text 'Close' with a BackButton for completeness
telegram desktop
Cuddly Quokka Oct 30, 2023 at 20:11
Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you liked my game and the documentation; I tried to make it understandable. The back button was a good idea, it was in the early stages, but then we decided against it. Now I think it would have been more convenient with it :)
Interesting simple game, although it seems to utilize a limited range of Telegram’s features. The use of theme parameters becomes crucial when design expertise is lacking. The color palette chosen raises some concerns
iPhone XS Max
Cuddly Quokka Oct 30, 2023 at 20:14
Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you are right, design is definitely not my strong suit :) Unfortunately, we didn't have a designer, so it turned out to be a bit of an eyesore :)
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