a Mini App that provides an user interface for selecting dates from a calendar. It is meant for developers as a easy, customizable, reusable, little code solution they can use in any bot. Users can select date ranges, times, and much more.
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Very simple, but the idea is great. Would be great to create a API for that, so anyone can use the app in their bots.

Apart from the date - the selection of time slots like in mine submission:
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Mad Dodo Oct 29, 2023 at 14:39
Thank you :) There is indeed an API so devs can reuse it in their bots. The time slot feature is great and I'll keep it mind for future updates 👍
It is very simple, BUTI think it is to your advantage) Because not all developers know about `react`, `vue`, and other popular tools.

Some developers need to start with something simple! This is a very good example for them

Definitely like it!
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