Before we started this project, we searched long and hard how to help people and how to make their work easier.After thinking for a long time, we decided to bring innovation and convenience to this field, realizing that there is nothing more valuable and necessary for a person than his health.We have made it easier and more transparent for patients, doctors and clinics through this bot. We have adapted our bot so that it can be used by young and old alike, and that's why we named the bot "All Care Family Bot"
As I said before this is a bot for patients, doctors and clinics to upgrade their conversation and communication. The main capabilities of this bot are to meet the clinic and patients online and to automate the technical examination of the doctor and the patient. Many hospitals have problems with waiting in line and problems with contacting doctors. Book an appointment from anywhere and anytime through the bot and avoid long waits.Also, if you are a doctor, you will be able to see your daily patient list easily.If you are a patient, you have the ability to choose the clinic you like, get acquainted with the service prices, make a reservation, and familiarize yourself with the working hours of doctors.
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useful bot I have ever seen good luck
Элнур Абдикаримов Oct 30, 2023 at 06:25
Very useful bot but needs a little design improvement
Smart Rat Oct 30, 2023 at 06:26
Thanks for the feedback!
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