This app allows you to play tic tac toe (also known as naughts and crosses) against another player on Telegram.
A user can create a new game, share the link with a friend on telegram. If the friend clicks on that link the first user needs to approve the request to join the game.
After all that they can play tic tac toe

This app shows an interface that allows users to mark events they plan to attend. The bot will send a notification when the event is starting. Users marked as admins have the ability to create and modify events.
As part of this, I've developed a python framework to make mini apps (and regular telegram bots too): I'm in the process of refactoring the internals to make the system more modular
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"Send button" apparently doesn't work in the TicTacToeBot app.
In the TicTacToeBot app, when I attempt to create a new game and click "Send Code" button, the app doesn't react
Mac OS app (latest) + iOS Telegram app
Giant Mammoth Oct 29, 2023 at 14:16
Hm odd, it does work on Android and telegram desktop. I wonder if the chat selection is broken on ios/mac?
> it does work on Android and telegram desktop
I just checked on Web client as well — it does work there, the contacts selection window appears.

Checked the Debug mode on the Desktop, no exceptions appear in the Console, and no network requests/websocket messages were sent
Mac OS app (latest) iOS Telegram app
Giant Mammoth Oct 29, 2023 at 14:25
I assume it's a bug with the telegram mini app js library, might be worth reporting to telegram
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