Discover a sleek Mini App designed to seamlessly integrate and streamline the management of your local gym activities for users, coaches, and administrators alike. Effortlessly oversee all aspects of data management within the app, from handling activities and locations to facilitating payments, and much more.
The app has both light and dark themes which you can switch with ease. All elements adopts to the theme change smoothly for the user and with no pain for the developer
Manage all aspects of the booking process with the possibility to create and manage activities. Enter all details from the Mini App to not to rely on 3-rd party service CMS. Set the price and duration of the activity which will be used for payments and coach availability calculations. Also, you can specify the location and the coach of the activity which is not required (if not set the activity will be available in all locations and can be held by any coach)
If you are the coach manage your operating rules that will be used for real-time availability calculations based on parameters like availability, booking padding time and so on
For better user experience the application has user cards to make the on-desk onboarding process faster then ever with native QR code scanner for administrators to find your coach and booked activity in seconds
A few things worth to mention after discovering other submissions. I found the following issues with my submission:
- the main focus was put of feature set and usability instead of similarity with Telegram UI
- a few server issues can be found during the surfing process. As they were found after submissions deadline and not violate the rule “no submission updates after deadline”, they are going to be fixed after contest results announcement
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