a Mini App that mimics to Draw&Guess game. After adding the bot to the group, you can start the game (using the /game command), where the host, through the Telegram Web App, begins to draw the hidden word. Group users see the updated image and write words in the group chat. As soon as the correct word is written, the game ends.

If you get tired of playing, the host or group administrator can cancel the game using the /cancel command.
For myself, I decided to delegate some bot functionality to the Telegram web app, which wouldn't be very convenient inside a chatbot (since I don't have enough strong frontend skills to build a full-fledged web app 🤓).

I would also like to mention the issue of scrolling on mobile devices while expanded, the slide-down gesture tries to minimize and close the app, which is not good for drawing apps. A stable expanded state can be achieved by trying to slide up from the bottom several times (it should work on Android, and maybe on iOS as well).
I suppose it's worth adding a flag to disallow the sliding down collapse gesture: Telegram.WebApp.expand(ignore_collapsing=true);
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