A Mini App that helps to create custom sticker packs in convenient way using cool graphic interface. Enter text, select styles and generate stickers on the go.

🔹 Neat and tidy UI adapted for different clients (iOS and Android)
🔹 I18n support
🔹 Implemented using Vue.js
🔹 Does not use any UI-kit library
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Woow, it's so cool! But, does it have a attached mode? So I can send a custom sticker in any chat with just one tap... And sometimes sticker gets cutted off canvas...
Desktop | Windows 11
Hairy Sloth Oct 30, 2023 at 21:32
Inline mode is under development, will be shipped soon in the next update.
As for text being cut off, there is no automatic text resize support yet, though, you can decrease font size manually under the corresponding settings button, so that it makes your text fit the canvas
Doesn’t load 🥲
iPhone XS Max
Hairy Sloth Oct 29, 2023 at 16:28
Hi! I'll try to figure out why in your case the app does not work.
Did you try to reload, does it help?
When you open the app, do you see a loader first or just empty screen?
What's your iOS version?
Yes, I’ve tried. Haven’t seen a loader.

Version 16.6.1. Btw, thanks, need to update 17 ;)

Is your hosting in Russia, though? In Ukraine such sites just wouldn’t load
iPhone XS Max
I like your MiniApp. The ui, idea, result - everything is wow! And it's so polished, that I can't even believe it could be done in such a small deadline. Great work!
Hairy Sloth Oct 30, 2023 at 18:09
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