It is my first ever experience with web development and I was unable to complete the Mini App in time: I faced a lot of challenges and learned a lot of stuff on the way. But anyways, maybe someone using the same tech stack will find it useful.
The idea was to implement @SneakySellerAppBot – bulletin board for sneakerheads to sell or buy a pair of sneakers: place an advertisement using the bot and check out advertisements placed by other people in the Mini App itself.
There are a lot of resell channels on Telegram created specifically for this purpose, so I thought it would be nice to have kind of united marketplace here.
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It's a pity that the bot won't launch. I've looked over the code and I see that you've made a real effort, working on both the backend and frontend. I wish you further development in your frontend developer skills!
The app shows certificate error. No ads are displayed, even though I just made one.
When open mini app menu, nothing displayed
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