Job Bot Mini App: Job Search and Application

Introduction: Welcome to the Job Bot Mini App! This demo will guide you through a simulated job search and application process.

Step 1: Job Search

- User is presented with a search bar and can enter keywords or job titles.
- User clicks on the "Search" button to find relevant job listings.
- The Mini App displays a list of job openings with titles, companies, and locations.
- User can click on a job listing to view more details.

Step 2: Job Details

- User sees detailed information about the selected job, including the job description, requirements, and application instructions.
- User can go back to the job listings or proceed to the application.

Step 3: Application Process

- User decides to apply for the job.
- The Mini App prompts the user to upload their resume.
- User uploads a sample resume file.
- The Mini App generates a confirmation message, thanking the user for applying and indicating that their application has been submitted.

Step 4: Job Application Confirmation

- User receives a confirmation message with a unique application ID.
- The Mini App displays a "Back to Job Search" button for the user to explore more job listings or exit the Mini App.

Additional Features (Optional):

- User profile: Allow users to create profiles with their personal information, which can be attached to job applications.
- Saved jobs: Allow users to save job listings for future reference.
- Email notifications: Send automated email notifications to users when their application status changes.
- Job recommendations: Use AI to recommend jobs based on the user's profile and search history.
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The app is not adapted to work with dark theme. Back button is missing. Job positions are not clickable.
Dandy Gnu Oct 31, 2023 at 10:20
Hi I have made the same from online documentation what i understand with zero tech knowledge as I am HR, Can you let me know where to learn these fundamentals that you pointed out.
The source link not found
Dandy Gnu Oct 31, 2023 at 07:52
It is public now
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