This Mini App helps you create and manage your own wishlist, filled with all the things you desire. Share your wishes with your friends, and they can reserve them for you.

Key Features:
- Create Wishlist: Organize your wishes into separate lists for different occasions or categories.
- Share with Ease: Generate a unique link to your wishlist and share it with friends.
- Friends Can Reserve: Your friends can easily reserve the items they want to gift you.
- Keep Surprises Alive: Friends can see reserved items, but the final choice remains a surprise.
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I love the idea! I’ve waited for so long until someone implements such bot! Very useful!

Id like to have some haptic feedback though and the image of the wish to adapt to the theme
Sharp Pug Oct 29, 2023 at 16:47
Thank you for feedback!
Now I am making some UI fixes for images, and I will adapt default image placeholder to the theme 👍
And after I implement the most important feautures, I'll work on the scenarios for haptic feedback 👌
Maaann! This is so friendly! Congrats!
Desktop | Windows 11
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