Thrillseeker uses jetpack to fly straight through Durdle Door arch in Dorset in 'extremely dangerous' stunt


This is the shocking moment a daredevil launches himself straight through the historic Durdle Door arch in Dorset on a jetpack.

Footage captured by a ranger at the Lulworth Estate shows the man use his device to hover over the sea before flying through the 200ft natural limestone arch located along the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast.

The ranger, who watched in horror as the man carried out his stunt, later described how the smell of fuel from the jetpack was 'overwhelming' and the noise 'deafening'.
The daredevil flies through the historic Durdle Door arch in Dorset, along the Jurassic Coast, on a jetpack

During the clip, the daredevil hovers over the sea and approaches the famous arches.

He then flies straight through the 'door' of the landmark before disappearing from view.  

The Lulworth Estate has since shared the clip online in an effort deter others from exploiting the historic site.

A spokesman for Lulworth Rangers said: 'Sadly this year we are seeing increased exploitation of our beloved site.

'From the horrific scenes of tombstoning, more and more people are using the iconic arch to make a viral sensation.

'This time a group have caused not only extreme danger, but also noise disturbance to beachgoers and fuel pollution to our pristine waters.

'Recently we've had kite-surfers with drone pilots turning up at 5am, kayakers appearing during Storm Francis and countless others climbing to the top of the arch.

'Not only does this put themselves and our emergency services at risk but it exploits the natural World Heritage Site as a playground to abuse, rather than respect. '
The daredevil hovers over the sea before launching himself through the arches in Devon
The man was filmed by a ranger at the Lulworth Estate and has since been condemned for his stunt 

The spokesman added: 'This summer was challenging enough, and stunts like this just make us despair as to what will happen next.

'Just because Durdle Door is there, doesn't mean you should jump off, climb up or fly through it.

'This exploitation is a sad reflection of how we value nature; a commodity to promote ourselves with no regard for the environment.'

In a post on Facebook the Lulworth Estate wrote: 'Is the beauty that mother nature created not enough?

'Just because it is there, doesn't mean you should jump off, climb up… or fly through it. The widespread publicity around has made our national icon a target for everyone wanting a viral sensation.  

'Our beach warden Tim said the smell of kerosene was overwhelming, the noise deafening and the military-grade drone; intimidating. Not the experience our beach-goers want at a natural World Heritage Site.' 

In May, air ambulances rushed to the Durdle Door after four people injured themselves jumping off the cliff into the sea.
Handout photo issued by Dorset Police of air ambulances landing at Durdle Door after four  people were seriously injured jumping off cliffs into the sea in May

The four unidentified jumpers vaulted from the top of the ancient limestone arch, which reaches 200ft at its highest point, and were left in a critical condition, according to Dorset Police.  

Images from the scene later showed a mass of sun-seekers crammed into one area, near the only available exit, as they tried to vacate the area. 

As the chaos ensued Chief Inspector Claire Phillips, of Dorset Police, said: 'We have had to close the beach at Durdle Door to allow air ambulances to land. As a result, we are evacuating the beach and the surrounding cliff area. 

'I am urging people to leave the area to enable emergency services to treat the injured people.'