Apple registers 'Apple One' domain for rumoured subsciption service

With the Apple One subscription bundle said to be launching at the September event, the company has registered a bunch of domains


Apple's autumn keynote is scheduled for 15 September with new Apple watches and iPads expected to launch. In addition Apple is expected to launch a new bundle offer for all its subscriptions - known as Apple One.

The subscription bundle is expected to include Apple Music and Apple TV+, while other more expensive option will add services such as Apple Arcade, Apple News+ (in the regions it is available), and even extra iCloud storage. We discuss Apple One in more detail here.

One good indication that there is some truth in this is that Apple has registered several domains with the name Apple One, as shown by the Domaintools service.

For example, the was created by Apple on Friday 11 September. The site is not online yet.

Apple has registered the name for its super subscription with several top-level domains, as Macrumors reports, there are a dozen new sites:

These were all registered on 11 September and are hosted on Apple's servers. It is noticeable that Apple has registered the "Apple One" website on the relatively new top-level domains.

You will note that there are a few domains missing:,,, are all already registered by other companies, only is still for sale according to Domain Tools.

In the past Apple has paid a lot for matching domain names: According to some reports, cost the developer just under $4.5 million, that's what a Swedish cloud company Xcerion, which offers services similar to iCloud, wanted.

Apple also bought the website back in 1999, at that time not even the iPod was on the market.

We have all the information about what is expected to launch at the 15 September Apple event here. 

Here's how to watch the event.

This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.