Anurag Kashyap reacts to death hoax; says Yamraj brought him back to give meaning to lives of those who boycott him

Earlier, Anurag Kashyap was asked about being trolled online and he had said that people who troll others just pour out their frustration online.


Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap takes trolls and comments on his social media platform and recently he had a rather funny response to a death hoax on micro-blogging site Twitter. The tweet of the "death" came from the verified account of KRK Box Office, actor-critic Kamaal R Khan’s platform for Bollywood news, and trade analyses.

Replying to it, Anurag wrote that Yamraj (the Hindu God of death) escorted him back to Earth as his existence and films gave meaning to a lot of people’s lives. The original tweet from KRK's account read, "#RIP #AnuragKashyap! He was really a great storyteller! We will always miss you sir!"

The director then tweeted, "Kal Yamraj ke darshan hue… Aaj Yamraj khud ghar wapas chhod ke gaye. Bole - abhi toh aur filmein banani hai tumhe. Tum film nahi banaoge aur bewakoof/bhakt uska boycott nahi karenge, toh unka jeevan sarthak nahi hoga. Unko sarthakta mile isliye wapas chhod gaye mujhe (Met Yamraj yesterday. Today, he himself escorted me back home. He said, 'You still have to make more films. If you don’t make films and if these films are not boycotted by idiots and bhakts, their lives will be meaningless'. He left me back on Earth so that I can help them find meaning in their lives)."

Anurag is not new to the concept of being trolled online. In the year 2018 when Anurag was asked about them, he had told PTI that people who troll just pour out their frustration online.

"We are dealing with a country which is so over-populated, where there is so much resentment, so much repression, so many mouths to feed, so many people looking for work, so many disillusioned people. Sometimes I think when they are frustrated they want to take it out. And they feel better after abusing," he had said.

On the work front, Anurag had directed directing a segment in the Netflix anthology Ghost Stories and Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai, that released on Netflix. Apart from this, he acted as a corrupt police officer in Ghoomketu, which starred Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the titular role.