Many of Wales' MPs receive donations towards their election expenses and some have income outside of Parliament

Who bankrolls your MP's election campaigns? The donations, extra income and free trips Wales' 40 MPs receive

Some of Wales' 40 MPs also declare other income and gifts for property they rent out or work they do outside of Parliament


All the billboards you see in people's front gardens and the leaflets that come through your letterboxes at General Election time don't come cheap.

Many MPs and their constituency associations receive significant sums or gifts in kind from their and their party's supporters to fund election campaigns.

Nor do some of Wales' 40 MPs value their time lightly, collecting significant sums for consultancy, columns, books and other work outside of Parliament.

Some also go on trips around the world through Parliamentary committees in which their substantial costs are paid for them; and some enjoy tickets to Wimbledon, Test cricket and the Chelsea Flower Show courtesy of donors.

One was also paid £20,000 by News International as part of a settlement in relation to phone hacking.

We've been through the donations, income and foreign trips declared by the 22 Labour, 14 Conservative, three Plaid and one currently independent MP who represent the nation's Parliamentary constituencies.

They have to declare anything over £1,500 (or over £500 if the MP has received over £1,500 in value from that source in the calendar year).

They should also declare if they have other revenue streams like second jobs or properties they let for over £100.

Not only this but they have to declare any gift or benefit over £300. These are usually tickets or hospitality.

For the purposes of this article, we have only listed salaries, donations, gifts or other income valued at over £500.

Simon Hart, Conservative - Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
Simon Hart(Image: Simon Hart MP)

Wolverhampton born Simon Hart has been an MP since 2010. He is a member of Boris Johnson's cabinet and is the current Welsh Secretary.

He received a total of £41,231.66 across four separate donations from longstanding Conservative supporter Alexander Temerko who is a Ukrainian-born energy businessman who was previously an arms tycoon.

Two of the donations came from Mr Termerko himself and two others came from two of his companies Offshore Group Newcastle Ltd and Aquind Ltd.

Other donations include:

In addition to his salary, from November 2015 until July 2019, he worked as a "high net worth consultant" for the Countryside Alliance, a campaigning organisation that supports hunting at which he was previously chief executive. For this he received £30,000 a year in return for "a commitment of approximately eight hours a week".

Before this he worked as as an outdoor education consultant for the Countryside Alliance and was paid £20,000 a year for six hours per week from July 2013 to May 2015.

Events Mr Hart attended include:

In May 2014, he also accepted two tickets to the Chelsea Flower show worth £1,404.00 from Japan Tobacco International.

Just three months before that, Mr Hart was one of only 24 MPs who voted against tabled amendments to the Children and Families Bill which would enable the UK government to:

  1. Introduce regulations requiring plain packaging for tobacco products
  2. Introduce regulations making it an offence to sell e-cigarettes to children under 18
  3. Make it an offence for an adult to buy cigarettes for anyone under the age of 18

Two years earlier, Hart was one of 50 MPs who wrote to then Health Secretary Andrew Lansley expressing serious concerns over the government's plain packaging proposals.

He said: "There is no reliable evidence that plain packaging will have any public health benefit; no country in the world has yet to introduce it. However, such a measure could have extremely negative consequences elsewhere."

Trips have included:

Alun Cairns, Conservative - Vale of Glamorgan
Boris Johnson and Alun Cairns(Image: Mark Lewis)

Former Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns resigned from his position after it emerged that one of his staff was accused by a judge of deliberately sabotaging a rape trial.

Vale of Glamorgan MP started a role as a senior advisor at the Crumlin based BBI Group this summer. To earn his £15,000 a year salary, which is in addition to his salary as an MP, Mr Cairns advises the company for just 70 hours a year (less than six hours a month).

BBI Group is part of UK-RTC consortium, a group of companies and institutions which develop new coronavirus antibody tests. In partnership with Avacta Group, they have worked on UK Government contracts to manufacture Covid-19 tests.

Like Simon Hart, Alexander Termerko has given Mr Cairns cash. He received a £5,000 donation in June 2019 and in April 2014 he gave another £5,000 in a personal donation. This was followed in September of the same year with £5,000 but this time from another one of his companies - Offshore Group Newcastle Ltd.

Other donations have included:

Mr Cairns also received two tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show in both 2011 and 2012 worth over £2,200. This came from a Japanese tobacco company. This was at the same time he voted against a bill banning smoking in cars carrying children and vocally opposed plain packaging on cigarettes.

Other events have included:

He also makes money from renting out a property in Cardiff for over £10,000 a year for which he claimed public funds during his time as an Assembly Member.

Trips Mr Cairns has taken include:

Mr Cairns did not respond to our requests for comment.

Stephen Crabb, Conservative - Preseli Pembrokeshire
Stephen Crabb

Former Wales Secretary Stephen Crabb has been an MP since 2005.

He has received donations from:

Trips Mr Crabb has been on include:

The Conservative Friends of Israel also paid for his hotel accommodation at both the 2018 and 2019 Conservative Party Conferences which had a total value of £2,009.

Mr Crabb also received:

Chris Bryant, Labour - Rhondda
Chris Bryant is the MP for Rhondda(Image: PA)

The MP for the Rhondda has authored several books.

Mr Bryant has also declared payments for thousands of pounds for columns he has written for newspapers.

These include:

In November 2016, he also received £1,500 for appearing on Have I Got News for You.

He was also paid £79,350 from publishers for various books and the rights to turn one into a TV series.

A fund-raising dinner held by the Rhondda Labour Party on 3 March 2010 which raised £15,347.50, including the three following donations:

He also received £5,000 from the Musicians’ Union in 2010. Mr Bryant wrote on his declaration: "This donation was given to the constituency association, who will report it to the Electoral Commission".

Tickets Mr Bryant has been given include:

Trips away have included:

Dr James Davies, Conservative - Vale of Clwyd
Dr James Davies MP

Dr Davies has received money linked to his previous work as a doctor.

As an MP he has declared donations including:

Stephen Kinnock, Labour - Aberavon
Stephen Kinnock(Image: Richard Williams)

Mr Kinnock has been the MP for Aberavon since 2015.

He had declared the following payments:

Donations he has received include:

He has a house in Neath Port Talbot worth £100,000 and/or giving rental income of over £10,000 a year

Trips he has declared include:

Rob Roberts, Conservative - Delyn
Rob Roberts MP(Image: UK Parliament)

Mr Roberts gained his seat at the last election. He was investigated after accusations of inappropriate behaviour against male and female members of staff.

He received £4,250 in January 2020 from The Tandridge Club. The club is a pro Conservative political discussion group. The conclusions of one of their discussions on their website reads: “Work ethic in UK people, especially the young, is weak. It is too easy and often beneficial to stay on benefits rather than take a job.”

He also received £2,000 from IPGL Ltd in January 2020. The director and majority shareholder in IPG is Michael Spencer. He was award a peerage in August 2020 in the Political Honours List.

Beth Winter, Labour - Cynon
Beth Winter

Nothing declared that meets the threshold.

Sarah Atherton, Conservative - Wrexham
Sarah Atherton

Ms Atherton won her seat in the 2019 election.

She has declared three donations in her nine months in office:

She also received over £10,000 a year for a house she owns in Wrexham

A qualified nurse, she returned to the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic and worked 61 hours of shifts at Wrexham Maelor Hospital this summer. She donated the payments to charity.

Ben Lake, Plaid Cymru - Ceredigion
Ben Lake(Image: Carmarthen Journal)

The 27-year-old MP for Ceredigion took his seat in 2017.

He had declared nothing that met the threshold for the article.

Kevin Brennan, Labour - Cardiff West
Cardiff West Labour MP Kevin Brennan(Image: Western Mail)

Mr Brennan was first elected to Parliament in 2001.

Many of his declarations related to the band he is in with three other parliamentarians called MP4. These include:

Mr Bennan received £20,000 from News Group Newspapers in July 2013 as part of settlement in relation to phone hacking.

Donations he has declared include:

Events attended include:

Overseas visits for Mr Brennan have included:

Faye Jones, Conservative - Brecon and Radnorshire
(Image: Graham Flack)

Ms Jones won her seat in the last general election in 2019.

She has declared the following donations:

When WalesOnline contacted Ms Jones she stressed that these were not donations to her personally but donations to the Brecon and Radnorshire Conservative Association for her election campaign.

Jessica Morden, Labour - Newport East

Ms Morden won her seat in 2005.

Her donations for the last decade are:

In September 2018 she went to Zambia to gain an insight into the country’s efforts to promote human development and boost prosperity through delivery of key interventions, such as health programmes for women, adolescent girls and children. The trip was funded by Results UK for the total of £2,420.95.

Jamie Wallis, Conservative - Bridgend
Jamie Wallis

Mr Wallis gained his seat in 2019.

He currently has shareholdings in 15 companies, some of which are dormant. They are mainly around data recovery though there is one called Quickie Divorce.

Since his election he has left directorships at 14 different companies

For his election campaign he received £24,153 of interest free credit from Fields Associates Ltd - a company where he was a director.

He owns four commercial office units in Bridgend valued over £100,000 and/or giving rental income of over £10,000 a year.

Ruth Jones, Labour - Newport West
Ruth Jones MP(Image: Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

Ms Jones won her seat in a by-election in April 2019. Her donations were all declared in January 2020 and seem to mainly relate to the December 2019 general election:

David Davies, Conservative - Monmouth
David Davies(Image: Mirrorpix)

Mr Davies has received several payments for appearances on various media outlets.:

He also received £3,500 for 35 hours from Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainment Co for advice on politics and current affairs issues and creative ideas for programmes and features between 2011 and 2015.

Donations that have been made include one from Ronald Hear for £3,000, June 2010.

There was another declared donation from Paul Bailey worth £25,000 in May 2017. However when we approached Mr Davies about the donation he said that it had not gone to him, his campaign or constituency office.

He said: “The donation from Paul Bailey was to the local Conservative Association but I declared it to ensure there was no suggestion of a conflict of interest.”

Trips Mr Davies declared include:

When WalesOnline contacted Mr Davies pointed out he received no money for the trips he went on. He said: “Some of those were donations to the Conservative party in Monmouthshire and not to me personally.”

Hywel Williams, Plaid Cymru - Afron
Arfon MP Hywel Williams(Image: Daily Post)

Nothing declared that meets the threshold.

Craig Williams, Conservative - Montgomeryshire (previously Cardiff North MP from 2015-17)
Craig Williams(Image: Getty Images)

Mr Williams won his Montgomeryshire seat in 2019. He was previously the MP for Cardiff North and those claims are also included.

Donations include:

He was given a rugby ticket and hospitality in 2015 from Cardiff Business Council worth £1,375.

Trips he has taken include:

Robin Millar, Conservative - Aberconwy
Robin Millar(Image: UK Parliament)

Mr Millar became an MP in 2019. He declared owning over 15% of issued share capital RJ Millar Consulting Ltd - a management consultancy.

Liz Saville Roberts, Plaid Cymru - Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Liz Saville Roberts(Image: PA)

The group leader of Plaid Cymru in the House of Commons has been an MP since 2015.

Her only declaration that is eligible is a trip to European Parliament in October 2019 worth £1,370.60 and funded by Best for Britain. It involved meeting with ambassadors, EU representatives, and a press call.

Stephen Doughty, Labour - Cardiff South and Penarth
Stephen Doughty(Image: WalesOnline/Rob Browne)

Mr Doughty has been an MP since 2012.

His donations include:

He has received donations to the following events:

Mr Doughty told WalesOnline: “The trip was in relation to my role as Chair of the All Party Group on HIV/AIDS, and a campaign we were running at the time around the Amsterdam summit, which was successful and which helped secure millions of funding for HIV work around the world from a number of Governments.”

On the donations he received Mr Doughty said: “For clarity, the vast majority of these donations obviously are related to my campaigns and election expenses in 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019. I obviously didn’t personally benefit from any of those donations or declarations.”

On the subject of the rugby games he attended he said: “On rugby hospitality – if I accept it – my general rule is only to go with local businesses or organisations where there is a direct constituency or parliamentary relevance and a working dinner / lunch around the match - which was the case for all of the ones listed.

“I always ask for the full commercial price from the sponsor, so that I am completely transparent as to the commercial value – though usually it just amounts to ticket and food.”

Nick Thomas-Symonds, Labour - Torfaen
Nick Thomas-Symonds(Image: WalesOnline)

The barrister and shadow home secretary won his seat in 2015.

He has declared the following donations:

He also received a £4,247.07 advance for a book from The Wylie Agency (UK) Ltd as well as £625 from the Oxford Chinese Economy Programme, for delivering a talk in August 2019.

David Jones, Conservative - Clwyd West
David Jones MP(Image: Daily Post Wales)

Mr Jones has represented Clwyd West since 2005

He has received the following donations:

He has a leasehold office premises in Llandudno, Conwy valued over £100,000 and/or giving rental income of over £10,000

He also jointly owns a tenanted freehold retail premises in Wrexham County Borough for which no registrable rent received.

Trip his has declared include:

Chris Evans, Labour - Islwyn
Islwyn's Chris Evans

Mr Evans has been an MP since 2010.

In July 2018, he received £1,000 from Capita, for attending and delivering a speech at their Customer Service Conference. He donated this fee to charity.

In June 2019 he also received £4,400 as an advance for a book from Bloomsbury Publishing.

In November 2016 the Lawn Tennis Association gave him one ticket with hospitality to the ATP World Tour Finals worth £605.

As part of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kuwait delegation the Kuwait National Assembly paid for his flights, hotel accommodation, food and transport to a total value of £4,837 in 2016.

The charity Crohns and Colitis UK donated £5,640 for taking on an intern for a 12 week placement.

Tonia Antoniazzi, Labour - Gower
Tonia Antoniazzi(Image: GRAINGE PHOTOGRAPHY LTD TEL:07973 655118)

The Labour MP was elected the MP for Gower in 2017.

She has received two donations in that time:

She was also given hospitality tickets to England v Wales in August 2019 worth £717 by Premiership Rugby Ltd.

She owns a house in Carmarthenshire providing over £10,000 a year in rental income.

Christina Rees, Labour - Neath
Neath MP Christina Rees

Ms Rees has been an MP since 2015.

Her donations include:

She has a residential property in Bridgend County Borough valued over £100,000 and/or giving rental income of over £10,000 a year

She was given a ticket by England Rugby for a match in 2015 worth £695 but did not attend the match.

Nick Smith, Labour - Blaenau Gwent
Nick Smith(Image: PA)

Mr Smith has declared two donations:

He also went to China in 2011 as part of the All Party Parliamentary China Group which cost £2,654.48 was to maintain and strengthen relations between Parliament and the National People’s Congress of China, to learn about and support British businesses operating in China and to deepen the knowledge and understanding of parliamentarians of China.

Virginia Crosbie, Conservative - Ynys Mon
Virginia Crosbie(Image: Copyright Unknown)

Ms Crosbie was elected in the election of December 2019.

She has received donations from the United and Cecil Club worth £3,500 and from a man named Ian Goldbart for £2,000 in January 2020.

Wayne David, Labour - Caerphilly
Wayne David, MP for Caerphilly is ranked the UK's most accessible member of parliament(Image: Welsh Academic Press)

In the last decade Mr David has declared three trips:

Carolyn Harris, Labour - Swansea East
Carolyn Harris(Image: Richard Townshend Photography)

Serving since 2015, Ms Harris has made two declarations:

Gerald Jones, Labour - Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Gerald Jones (pictured left)(Image: MLA Photography)

Mr Jones gained his seat in the in 2015 election.

He received a £2,000 donation from GMB Wales and South West Region which was declared in January 2020.

Anna McMorrin, Labour - Cardiff North
Anna McMorrin(Image: Getty Images)

Brecon-born Ms McMorrin has been the MP for Cardiff North since 2017.

As part of a cross-party trade and technology delegation she received return flights to San Francisco as well as accommodation, meals and sundries as well as transportation valued at £4,941.43.

Jonathan Edwards, Independent - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Jonathan Edwards MP(Image: Plaid Cymru)

Mr Edwards has been an MP since 2010.

He has a house in Penygroes that gives rental income of over £10,000 a year

In October 2010 the company allowed him to use of a minibus as a mobile surgery for six months at a value of £180 per week.

Chris Elmore, Labour - Ogmore
Chris Elmore was first elected to the House of Commons in 2016

Mr Elmore has been an MP since 2016.

His three donations have all come from unions in relation to his last election campaign:

Alex Davies-Jones, Labour - Pontypridd
Alex Davies-Jones(Image: Steve Powderhill)

Ms Davies-Jones declared £3,307 from Unite the Union in January 2020

When WalesOnline approached her she said that no cash was donated.

“Unite the Union kindly provided postage for election materials during my 2019 General Election campaign,” she said. “No cash was donated, and Unite instead franked election materials that were sent to local residents.”

Geraint Davies, Labour - Swansea West
Geraint Davies, Labour MP(Image: PA)

Mr Davies has a residential property in London giving rental income of over £10,000 a year and owned over 15% of share capital in Pure Crete Ltd, tour operator to Crete, until December 2019

GMB gave a donation of £4,500 in June 2010.

Nia Griffith, Labour - Llanelli
Nia Griffith

The current shadow secretary of state for Wales has been an MP since 2005.

She has received the following donations:

She has a year smallholding in Carmarthenshire valued over £100,000 and/or giving rental income of over £10,000 a year

She has declared two trips:

BBC Cymru Wales gave her tickets and hospitality for two people at Wales v Ireland in the Six Nations in February 2013 worth an estimated £781.

Mark Tami, Labour - Alyn and Deeside
Mark Tami MP(Image: Daily Post Wales)

Mr Tami has been the MP for Alyn and Deeside since 2001.

His donations include:

He owns a holiday apartment on the farm in Flintshire where he lives as well as an apartment in Portugal.

Both he and his wife attended the Grand National Race in April 2012, including overnight accommodation courtesy of Heineken UK. The value was value approximately £1,000.

Simon Baynes, Conservative - Clwyd South
Simon Baynes

Part of the 2019 intake to parliament Mr Baynes only declaration that falls within our criteria is a property in Wales consisting of main house, annex, ancillary building, cottage and farmland that generates an income less than £10,000 in a calendar year.

Jo Stevens, Labour - Cardiff Central
Jo Stevens(Image: WalesOnline/Rob Browne)

Ms Stevens won her seat in the Welsh capital in 2015.

Her declared donations were all in January 2020:

ITV plc gave her a ticket to the National Television Awards at the O2 worth in £1,330 January 2019 in her capacity as a member of the Digital Culture Media and Sport Select Committee.

Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars paid her travel of £1,327.44 to Washington in 2020 to attend and participate in a Defeating Disinformation conference of international parliamentarians.