Donald Trump (definitely not a drug user) falsely accuses Joe Biden of performance enhancing drug abuse


Donald Trump, who is definitely not a drug user at all and has never been reported as a habitual user of stimulants to this very day, casually accuses Joe Biden of using performance enhancing drugs in this wacky news clip from the year of our hellscape 2020.

DARVO'd Trump,

"I think there's probably, possibly drugs involved. That's what I hear."

Trump said this during an interview with Judge Jeanine, who frequently slurs her words and sloshes around lugubriously herself, on Fox News.

Trump is casually accusing his political opponent, Joe Biden, of using performance enhancing drugs.

Just another day in 2020.

Where do you suppose the President of the United States is "hearing" this lie about Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden?



Even our former ambassador to Russia recognizes this political tactic.

Sounds like he's telling on himself, tbh…