Speed Post, hit by COVID, aims to deliver all pending items by Sept 19


Kochi: The Postal Department is trying hard to restore normalcy to the delivery of Speed Post that was thrown into a crisis after employees contracted COVID-19.

The distribution of Speed Post was disrupted due to the closure of two of the four first-tier offices in Kerala. The Ernakulam and Thrissur offices were closed for days. Currently, items are being dispatched to the Kozhikode office in an attempt to restore delivery services. The goal is to have all the piled up items delivered by September 19.

The Ernakulam office was closed for 10 days, while the Thrissur office was shut for two weeks. They started functioning again from September 7. 

On September 7, there were more than 2,000 bags in the Ernakulam office and 3,200 bags in Thrissur with items that had to be delivered. The Circle Office issued an order detailing new arrangements and involving a few more offices in handling Speed Post to restore services back to normal.

The RMS and two hub offices in Bengaluru were closed for more than two weeks last month after employees there got COVID, severely disrupting the distribution of speed posts. When those offices were reopened, a large number of items were shipped to Kerala. It was while handling that huge flow that two major RMS offices had to be closed here as well due to COVID among staff.

The distribution of speed posts have resumed as bags have now started arriving at the second-tier offices.

Important documents stuck

Many important documents are stuck at the Kochi and Thrissur RMS offices. While job and education-related announcements are made by email and phone, that is not the case with banking and financial transaction records. 

Cheque books, credit and debit card documents are delivered by Speed Post. It’s been weeks since they were mailed, but the intended recipients are still waiting for them worried.

But since the Speed Post has to be delivered at the address mentioned, the recipients cannot go and collect them. Customers say it would be helpful if the Postal Department issues an order saying they will be allowed to collect the items if they produce necessary documents, like ID and address proof.