When Will a Coronavirus Vaccine Be Ready?


Coronavirus is creating mayhem across the globe. There are 28.8 Million Confirmed cases claiming 920K. The COVID tally in India crossed the 47 lakh-mark today. India recorded its biggest single-day surge of 97,570 new patients on Saturday.

Everyone is looking for a vaccine that can propel the lives back to normal. More than 170 teams of researchers are racing to develop a safe and effective vaccine. Vaccines normally require years of testing and additional time to produce at scale, but scientists have fast-tracked the process to develop a coronavirus vaccine within 12 to 18 months.

Out of these, nine vaccines are currently in large-scale efficacy trials and one of these is likely to be the first vaccine. If the trials are successful and the necessary approvals were obtained, these nine vaccines will come before the end of the year. Another eighteen vaccines are in expanded safety trials (Phase 2).

Twenty-nine vaccines in small-scale safety trials (Phase 1). There are 142 vaccines in Pre-Clinical trials that are not yet in human trials. India’s Indigenous Vaccine, COVAXIN developed by Bharat Biotech is in the Phase 2 Trials. It is likely to come out early next year.

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