Sir David Attenborough warns humanity is facing a crisis with ‘grave consequences’ (Picture: BBC)

David Attenborough warns humanity is facing a crisis with ‘grave consequences'


Sir David Attenborough has warned humanity is facing a crisis with ‘grave consequences’ for all.

The national treasure has released a one-off documentary, titled Extinction: The Facts, where he explored how humans are destroying the ecosystems they depend upon.

And at the start of the programme, the expert urged viewers to change their ways, before it’s too late for both the human race, and the planet.

‘Our planet is home to a seemingly infinite variety of species from ocean giants to the tiniest insects,’ he started. ‘We call this abundance of life biodiversity, but today it’s vanishing at rates never seen before in human history.

‘The evidence is that unless immediate action is taken, this crisis has a grave impact for all.’

The 94-year-old pressed: ‘The scientists have even linked our destructive relationship with nature with the occurrence of Covid-19. The decisions made as we rebuild our economies are critical.’
He showed shocking footage of the world (Picture: BBC)

While we’re used to seeing breathtaking footage and incredible scenes on Attenborough documentaries, this one seemed to hold a more sinister edge, with pictures of mass fishing, pangolin trade and polluted seas.

‘Over the course of my life, I have encountered some of the world’s most remarkable species of animals,’ Sir David stated. ‘Only now do I realise how lucky I have been.’

He sighed: ‘Many of these wonders may disappear forever.’
Extinction: The Facts was wake-up call to all (Picture: BBC)

The nature expert then gave a stark warning, where he told viewers: ‘We’re facing a crisis and one that has consequences for us all.

‘It threatens our ability to feed ourselves, to control our climate, and it even puts us at greater risk of pandemic diseases of Covid-19.

‘It has never been more important for us to understand the effects of biodiversity loss and how it is that we ourselves are responsible for it.

‘Only if we do that will we have any hope of adverting disaster.’

Rounding up his speech, Sir David made one last plea, saying: ‘Unique animals with complex lives disappearing from our planet forever isn’t just disturbing, it’s deeply tragic.

‘But this is about more than losing the wonders of nature – the consequences of losing these losses for us are far-reaching and profound.’

Extinction: The Facts is available on BBC iPlayer.

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