Midnight inferno kills 10 children in Kagera


In Summary

Kyerwa. Ten school children have died and three others are missing in Byamungu Islamic Kyerwa, Kagera after a boys’ dormitory caught fire in the early hours of today. The cause of the fire is yet to be established.
Speaking to the Citizen on Monday September 14, the Kyerwa District Commissioner Rashid Maimu confirmed saying the dormitory had 74 pupils.
“50 pupils survived and have been relocated to different dormitory,” said the District Commissioner.
According to the DC by early morning efforts to extinguish the fire was still ongoing in collaboration between the local residents and the fire department from Karagwe.
The village authorities in Itera, led by Muhamudu Mbaraka  say all the 10 bodies have been recovered and efforts are underway to locate the missing three.
"After the incident we assembled all the students and we discovered that 19 were missing but after discovering that 10 were dead and other six who had taken refuge in the nearby hospital, we realized that the three were missing,” said Mr Mbaraka
According to him it is not clear whether the students have died or not.

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