Facebook Unveils “Watch Together” Co-viewing Experience For Friends


Facebook Messenger has added a joint video viewing feature on the app. Dubbed “Watch Together” the feature allows you to view videos on Facebook Watch while you see live videos from your friends. The feature is rolling out today on Android and iOS.

To use the feature, you have to be in a messenger room or video call, swipe up on a video call or Messenger Room and tap the new Watch Together option. Facebook will offer video suggestions for you to watch together, or you can check through the categories or search for a specific video. The feature allows up to 50 people to watch together in a messenger room and eight people in a messenger video call.

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Users will not be able to create playlists or queue videos but all participants can choose videos. The feature does not give all the controls to a single user meaning any participant can pause, start, jump forward or back in a video.

According to the social media giant, users make about 150 million video calls on messenger and send 200 million videos to one another daily. “It’s really getting more and more visual, and it continues to grow very, very fast,” said Stan Chudnovsky, who runs Messenger.

“Watch Together” has been in development since Facebook announced plans to develop a co-viewing experience two years ago. The experience is ready for mobile phones and can be enjoyed in portrait or landscape.

Facebook says the roll-out is global and will be followed by the feature’s support in a couple of weeks and the Desktop experience later.