GOP super PAC ad slams Max Rose for marching with Black Lives Matter protesters


Days after New York Rep. Max Rose dropped a short political ad slamming fellow New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, for being “the worst mayor in the history of New York City,” a Republican super PAC piled on with its own ad.

In the ad, which comes from the Congressional Leadership Fund, New York City law enforcement officers from Rose’s 11th Congressional District criticize the New York Democrat for marching with Black Lives Matter protesters on Staten Island in June.

“Max Rose, I ain't gonna have much good to say about him. I could tell you this: He doesn't care two bits about the people that live on Staten Island and Brooklyn,” says a retired New York City Police Department sergeant.

Another retired NYPD officer says, “He promised us that he was going to support the police, and then he marched with people looking to defund the police?” He later adds, “It is an absolute slap in the face to law enforcement.”

Yet another retired NYPD sergeant declares, “He marches down Highland Boulevard with them,” referencing the Black Lives Matter protest in Staten Island.

“He's right up front there, leading the pack,” the first NYPD sergeant adds.

“He gave every New York City police officer the finger,” an additional former NYPD officer says.

“As a wife of a former detective, I could never vote for Max Rose,” one woman says of the congressman.

“Max Rose broke his oath to the people of New York’s 11th District,” Congressional Leadership Fund press secretary Will Reinert said. “Rose pledged to support law enforcement, then jumped right in line with the far Left as they marched to defund the NYPD. Max Rose talks a tough game, but when push comes to shove, voters just can’t trust Congressman Rose to keep his word.”

Rose is running against Republican state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis in a tough reelection battle. Her assembly district is part of Rose's congressional district and includes Staten Island and Bay Ridge in the borough of Brooklyn. The swing district is considered the most politically conservative in the city and is where most law enforcement and firefighters live with their families.

“He was the only elected official to march with those calling to defund the police," Malliotakis previously said of Rose's participation in the march to the Washington Examiner. "And people are very upset by that — and rightfully. He does not represent the interests of this district. He does not represent the views of this district.”

Rose told the Staten Island Advance at the time of Malliotakis's initial criticism, “The country is in pain, so young Staten Islanders worked with the NYPD to organize a peaceful protest, and Nicole’s takeaway is to attack the kids?"

“Just this week, she praised these marches as ‘setting an example for the nation’ until I walked with young people in our borough,” he said. “Nicole is a fraud, and if she thinks people don’t see that, she’s more delusional than Bill de Blasio.”