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Apple Products To Look Out For At Its 15 September Virtual Event


Apple will be hosting its annual event this year on 15 September 2020, and it will take place entirely online due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.
The tech company released the official invite on its website and it included a swirl logo shaped with blue lines. When viewed on the iPhone, the mark transforms into the event’s date “9.15” with a little AR magic.
Normally, Apple focuses on iPhones at the September event, but this time around, the Apple Watch, iPad, and other devices might take the spotlight.
The company previously announced that the availability of flagship smartphones will be postponed “by a few weeks” due to a production disruption caused by the virus crisis.
Another hint could also be the tagline included in the invites, which read, “Time Flies.” This sparked speculations that the event will be focused on the Apple Watch instead of the first-ever 5G iPhone.
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Apple typically follows its September keynotes with an October launch, so perhaps the tech giant will only introduce the smartphones then.
The upcoming event will begin online at 10am PT (or 1pm ET) on 15 September 2020 via the Apple events page.

[via CNET, cover image via Art Silpakorn /]