DNA Exclusive - Everybody knows what happened with 'Tera Ban Jaunga' after 'Humsafar': Akhil Sachdeva

Akhil Sachdeva, who has been making headlines for his new song 'Galiyaan', spoke about it among other things in an exclusive interview with DNA


Akhil Sachdeva, best remembered for composing Kabir Singh song 'Tera Ban Jaunga', has been making headlines for his ALT Balaji song called 'Galiyaan'. Ring a bell? We did catch up with the composer to talk about his track, its resemblance to Shraddha Kapoor's song, and much more...

Akhil, still feeling gratitude for all the love he received during 'Tera Ban Jaunga', was all joyous as he spoke about his journey, 'Galiyaan', peers and much more.

Here are some excerpts from his interview:

1) You started your career with films, and soon, were part of music concerts, had your own single and even transitioned into web shows, I believe in a span of 2 years. Which phase got you most excited?

I think the best part about my journey is that I didn’t start as a composer or a singer in Bollywood. I started my career is 2010, when I started my band, Nasha. And it was India’s first ever Sufi Rock Band. And still has its presence right there at the top in my zone/category. My journey has been different, I have already travelled a lot and I was a stage guy and then I entered Bollywood and started doing singles and now singing for web shows. I personally feel that I value my journey a lot, I believe in God and he carved a different journey for me to walk through. I believe platforms are given and decided for us by the society. But whenever I make music, I don’t consider about the platform. I make it through my soul and with all my passion and everything that I have. So I enjoy making music, that’s all I can say. So whatever the destiny that God has decided for my music, I accept it with an open heart. Specially this lockdown thing, I am missing the stage life the most. I am a born stage artist.

2) Your last song was Galliyan. Every time a person hears that name, they are reminded of Ek Villain. The song became a big deal also because it marked Shraddha Kapoor's singing debut. Did those thoughts cross your mind?

No, not at all. When you ask this question I am thinking about all these facts the name and title. Many films and songs have the same title. Last week while talking to Ankit Tiwari I mentioned to him that now I am also walking on the same Galiyaan’s but they are mine own and I think I am someone who works with natural flow and instinct. I could have named it otherwise, but Galiyaan came to me as naturally. Galiyaan is not a song. It’s a vibe.

3) When working on a web show as compared to films, are you under pressure to compose music instantly?

Well I can’t say that there was pressure to me while making music instantly. The only pressure was to deliver again. So the entire team of Alt Balaji, Bebakee, Kushan Tandon, specifically Ekta has a hell lot of confidence in me. She believes that I will always deliver something bigger and better than before. So, she thinks Galiyaan has been my bestest vibe and she would go all out to promote it. So yes. The only pressure is to deliver again.

4) You were part of one of the most iconic tracks of 2019 from Kabir Singh. How do you plan to deal with matching the expectations in your next film offered?

Well everybody knows what happened with ‘Tera Ban Jaunga’ after ‘Humsafar’. I think I am blessed. Thanks to God and the universe for giving me these two the already evergreen masterpiece songs that I have for the rest of my life. But one always has a believe in any song that he or she makes. I also reject my n number of songs before I come up with one. So I do scrape a lot of my own songs. I don’t compete with anyone but myself. I have my own path and journey. I might be slow but I’ll reach to my place. So I just try to compete and overpower my previous song. So I feel that it everytime it has to be a super song.

5) Any songs you recorded/have been approached for during the pandemic?

Yes, I wrote different melodies and different sort of compositions and also produced a few of the stratches in the studio. I was supposed to pitch for 2 films as well, but because of the situation, everything got pushed. So I’m looking out to 2021. But it’s all good, I’m just waiting for the right time now.