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Big revelation! More Than 1 Lakh People Administered COVID Vaccine In China


New Delhi: COVID-19 Pandemic has become a worldwide emergency and people are eagerly waiting for a vaccine to be available in the market.

While every country is trying to develop a successful corona vaccine, Russia and China are the first two countries that are already providing the Covid vaccine to its people before completing trials.

According to a report of China National Biotech Group, the company that is developing a COVID-19 vaccine for the country said that, China has already provided vaccine to more than one lakh people so far and it claimed to have shown positive results after two doses.

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The vaccine candidate reportedly have not shown any side effects so far and the developing company of the drug, China National Biotech Group has described it as a safe drug.

China has approved three coronavirus vaccines for emergency use in the country, two of which have been developed by the China National Biotech Group, said the company’s consultant Zhou Song.

He also added that people who were sent to high-risk places in the country and those who came from abroad including health workers, diplomats and other employees were given the vaccine doses.

Earlier, the China National Biotech Group (CNBG) and Synovac Biotech Limited claimed that four more countries including Serbia and Pakistan have approved the final stage trials of the Covid vaccine made in China.