‘Real body positivity is misunderstood’: Celebrity fitness coach Yash Vardhan Swami

Yash Vardhan Swami (also known as YVS) is one of the leading transformation and health coaches in India.


Yash Vardhan Swami (also known as YVS) is one of the leading transformation and health coaches in India. He is known for his knowledge and huge clientele varying from youngsters to businessmen to celebrities. We spoke to him in our recent interview about the whole fitness and Body Positivity movement that is going around all over social media. In this interview, he answered our questions and explained in detail what is real body positivity.

So what do you think about the fitness trends and movement these days?

Well, whenever there’s a new trend, there are always two types of people based on their reaction. First, the ones who understand the trend and benefit from it and the second ones are those who do not understand the trend or mislead/misuse the trend to mislead people and sometimes even themselves. The same goes for every trend and movement.

What is your opinion on the Body Positivity movement?

Before we talk about Body Positivity, First let us talk about what is not body positivity.

1. Just posting on Instagram for likes and followers because we are emotional beings.

2. Just posting on Instagram for hiding insecurities. A lot of us use it now and its a personal choice but let's see what is happening here.

Ms. X wants to lose her body and change the body composition but for some reason, she cannot reach her goal. Now she sees this body positivity trend and starts posting about it. So you must be thinking what is the issue with this? The issue is that the body positivity thing acted as a temporary self-gratification/relief. This didn't actually solve the problem.

Ms. X still wants to lose her fat and improve her body composition (at least subconsciously) and that would still keep on pestering her and would further delay her quest to improve her body composition. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve body composition. You look better with improved body composition. which also generally comes with improved health markers. So it's a win-win. However, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin. The actual question is are you really comfortable?

3. Berating anyone for having better physic and body or berating anyone who is working really hard for their perfect physique goals is not body positivity at all.

According to you what actually is Body Positivity then?

Body Positivity in my opinion is

1. Respecting Individuals - Respecting human differences, being okay with what nature has gifted us with different genes, bone structure, skin tone, perfections, priorities, at the moment or in life in general, eating habits, triggered foods, bone structure, body fat deposition patterns, etc.

2. Not comparing yourself to others. Esp those perfect Instagram models. In my opinion, two humans should never be compared at any level. a lot of them are blessed genetically, epigenetically, past history, have physique as their no. 1 priority, use of PED's or even photoshop. Their physique is none of your business however feel free to compliment them if you wish to because they worked hard for months and years.

3. Not running after that perfect Instagram physique at cost of your health, social life, relationship with food, with yourself ( however, again nothing wrong with working hard for your goals and reaching there because improve body composition has its own rush because there is something we do for ourselves and this cannot be 'gifted'.

What will you tell the people those who have a complex about any of their physical aspect or features?

I would tell them to understand and accept that some things are human -

Cellulite - Normal. Human.

Stretch Marks - Normal. Human.

Body Fat - Normal Human. Essential for optimal health.

Craving for food - 'High-calorie food'. Normal. Human. PS who doesn't like tasty food?

Body Hair. Normal.

All these things are normal and everyone has it. There is nothing to be ashamed to look down on yourself because of this, It is perfectly fine and normal.

What do you tell to those people who really wanna change their bodies and start their fitness journey?

Please do not do it because of social media pressure. Accept yourself as you are and if you really want to start actively working on improving body composition, looking aesthetic, if you want to, for yourself, or even for others (if that makes you feel better about yourself) Quick Tip: Screw others, do it for yourself. They do not pay your bills.

Long story short, Ask yourself. Do I want to improve my body composition or health?

If the answer is Yes (even remotely), Work for it. Don't let anyone stop you or question you. How are you as a human is #1 but yeah no harm in having an aesthetic physique. Improving body composition is simple.


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