'FIA investigates Hamilton for making a political statement'


Lewis Hamilton caused a stir this weekend by wearing a shirt that reads 'arrest the policemen who killed Breonna Taylor'. The Afro-American woman was killed by police bullets and Hamilton wanted to make a clear statement at Mugello. However, the FIA may not be in favour of this.

Indeed, according to The Daily Mail, the FIA have launched an investigation into Hamilton's shirt. Drivers and teams are not allowed to make political statements at the circuit. If the text can be seen as a political statement, the 35-year-old Brit will in all likelihood receive a fine.

Hamilton going a little too far

Hamilton is already at the forefront of the fight against racism. Formula 1 has embraced 'Black Lives Matter' and also gives drivers the opportunity to draw attention to the subject by kneeling before each Grand Prix. The six-time world champion has now 'crossed the line'. 

The British outlet goes on to write that some of the top Formula 1 drivers are particularly unhappy with Hamilton's action because the investigation into Talyor's death is still ongoing.