WWE News: Former Superstar Possibly Teases Return As ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Mystery Woman


Danielle Moinet — who was known as Summer Rae during her time in WWE — has teased a return to the company via her Twitter account. The former superstar revealed that she misses “laying the Smack… Down,” suggesting that she could be the blue brand’s mystery woman.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, WWE recently aired vignettes on Friday Night SmackDown that depicted a blonde woman in heels, dress and fur coat. The videos have been used to seemingly set up either a debut or return, and fans have been trying to figure out who the glamorous persona could be.

Rae’s tweet was met with several comments from her followers, many of whom speculated that she’s the mystery woman. However, the former superstar isn’t the only name who has been suggested.

As The Inquisitr report highlighted, Carmella is believed to be the person in the vignettes. Her character has always been quite glamorous, and the performer has spent the majority of 2020 out of action due to the pandemic.

As documented by Ringside News, Carmella recently revealed that she’s keen to go back to work, and her big comeback is expected soon now that other performers who took time off due to COVID-19 concerns have returned to television.

The characteristics of the mysterious performer are similar to Rae’s, however. During her tenure in the company, she had a dancing gimmick and often dressed in fashionable outfits. The dress worn in the latest vignette is very reminiscent of Rae’s old attire from when she was Fandango’s valet.

It’s also possible that Rae could have been trolling fans to add more fuel to the rumors. The hint is arguably too obvious to be real, as officials seem intent on keeping the person’s identity close to the best for the time being.

Rae’s tweet has certainly added more speculation to the ongoing conversation, though, and it also suggested that she might want to become a superstar again.

As noted by The Inquisitr, Rae was let go due to budgetary reasons, and she was also inactive as a result of injuries. She reportedly doesn’t have any backstage heat with anyone in the company, so a return might not be such a far-fetched notion.

Rae isn’t the only former star who’s been linked with the mysterious Friday Night SmackDown character. Eva Marie’s name has also been mentioned, though she has a different hair color to the person in the video that aired on the latest episode of the blue brand’s weekly show.