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Lottery winner claims £57m EuroMillions jackpot before deadline

A claim for a £57m EuroMillions jackpot has been validated just before the deadline passed.

A single person won £57,869,670 with a ticket bought in South Ayrshire for the draw held on 17 March.

The prize was due to expire at 23:59 on Sunday but a successful claim was validated over the weekend.

The National Lottery had urged the mystery ticket-holder to come forward at the end of March.

The winning numbers for the draw were 05, 07, 08, 16 and 20, with the Lucky Stars 02 and 12.

A claim was staked in April for the jackpot but it was unclear if this is the same one that passed the validation process.

Camelot confirmed it was in the process of arranging payment and would only be able to reveal the identity of the winner with their permission.

A spokeswoman for Camelot said: "We can confirm that we received a claim on this prize in April but we don't comment on the detail of individual claims.

"However, as with all major prizes, any claim goes through a rigorous validation process to ensure the prize can be paid under the National Lottery game rules.

"With all National Lottery draws, players have 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize.

"If a valid claim is not received within this period, the prize money is passed to good causes."

Scotland's biggest EuroMillions winners were Colin and Chris Weir, from Largs in North Ayrshire, who won £161m in 2011.