Tidy Towns

Volunteers out in force to enhance Ballingarry


The much-anticipated Litter-Pick with members of Ballingarry Tidy Towns and friends took place on Saturday morning last on the King’s River at 11 am.
Patrick Lydon of “Nore Vision” had organised this event to check on the state of health of the river and to see if litter is a problem. We were all pleasantly surprised and delighted to report that litter is practically non-existent in the portion of the river that we checked and that the water is crystal clear.
“Nore Vision” is a project that is being funded by Leader in Kilkenny / Laois / Tipperary and Patrick Lydon is the key person in this evolving initiative for the future of the river Nore, its tributaries (which includes the King’s River which rises in the area), the lands that drain into them and the people who live and work there, which will empower communities, through activities, to become guardians of the river by working to bring together the input of interest groups, resource users, landowners, communities and the statutory sector.

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