What time is Emmerdale on? ITV soap returns to full schedule


After months of reduced episodes, Emmerdale returns to its normal six episodes a week from Monday.

The popular ITV soap was cut back to as few as two episodes a week in March, something that was reduced further to two in early June in a bid to prevent the show from going off-air during the coronavirus crisis.

Filming was suspended in the spring due to the pandemic, leading to the number of episodes broadcast each week being halved from six to three, which temporarily went down further to two for a few weeks in June, before returning to three.

Now, producers are ready for the show to return to its normal schedule.

What time is Emmerdale?

It’s been so long since Emmerdale fans got their full fix of six episodes a week that they may be forgiven for forgetting when the soap is actually on.

Emmerdale will be returning to six episodes a week from Monday (Image: ITV / Rex Features)

These are the times the soap will be on from Monday:

Monday (September 14) - 7pm

Tuesday (September 15) - 7pm

Wednesday (September 16) - 7pm

Thursday (September 17) - 7pm and 8pm

Friday (September 18) - 7pm

Emmerdale isn't the only soap upping the number of episodes being aired.

Fellow ITV soap Coronation Street is also increasing to six episodes a week from Monday, while BBC One's Eastenders has finally returned to screens after going off air completely  during the Covid pandemic.