The Avalanches – “Music Makes Me High” & “Take Care In Your Dreaming” (Feat. Denzel Curry, Tricky, & Sampa The Great)


The Avalanches took 16 years to follow-up their classic debut Since I Left You with Wildflower, but it’ll only take four years and some change for them to follow up that. Today, the Australian group are officially announcing their new album, We Will Always Love You — it will be out in December.

They started teasing the album at the beginning of the year and have shared a few tracks from it already, including the Blood Orange-featuring title track, “Running Red Lights,” “Wherever You Go,” and “Reflecting Light,” all of which had their own notable guest spots.

The album was inspired by the relationship between astronomer Carl Sagan and producer Ann Druyan, whose photo is on the album’s cover. They worked on the PBS series Cosmos together and their relationship was immortalized in NASA’s Voyager Golden Record.

“The conceptual heart of things is really important to me,’ the Avalanches’ Robbie Chater said in a press release. “I can’t just be blindly creative, I need to find a feeling and a deeply personal place that gives me the energy to start making a record and a story to share. Wildflower changed so much over 16 years, whereas with this album, we knew what it was about right at the beginning, and then we did it, and it’s done.”

Today, the Avalanches are releasing two new tracks from We Will Always Love You: “Music Makes Me High” and “Take Care In Your Dreaming.” The latter features guest appearances from Denzel Curry, Tricky, and Sampa The Great. Check out both songs below.

We Will Always Love You is out 12/11 via Astralwerks. Pre-order it here.